The Better it Smells The Faster it Sells

image courtesy of the washington post

It's been on the market for 90 days and still no interest. 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms 2500 sq ft. and the best school district in the metro area but still no bidders. Those updated appliances and granite counter tops should be a no brainer for prospective buyer so what is the problem? It might have something to do with the seller being an animal lover. Spike the dog and lulu the cat have had their challenges with potty training. Even though they are much better trained now, the smell of their past mistakes still linger. The owner does not think anything of it, after years of exposure their noses have grown immune to the problem. 
After sitting down to tell the sellers about the problem they are initially embarrassed and in denial but eventually understand that buyer perception always wins when it comes to selling a house. They now want to know what their options are. Should they rip out all the carpet and put new ones in? Should they call the carpet cleaning company to give it a go? What should they do? 
Tell them to get a free estimate from BioSweep of Austin first! Why? They can permanently remove the urine smell without need for replacing the carpets, which can cost twice as much. Unlike carpet cleaning which does not deeply penetrate to the pad for long lasting results, BioSweep of Austin can ensure the padding and subfloor are treated in order to ensure odor never comes back.  What about people with allergies? Biosweep of Austin can remove allergens and bacteria from all surfaces in the house in order to ensure the home stays allergen free and odor free. Give BioSweep of Austin a call today 512-373-8118 and visit our site at for more information.