My car smells like cigarette smoke, how do I get it out? is awesome. You can virtually find a car and buy it from any part of the contiguous United States. It's time to start teaching your 16 year old how to drive and finding the safest car is the next thing on the list. The options are endless. Sedan or SUV? Rear airbags, curtain airbag, or both? VW, Toyota, Subaru, or Mazda?  You settle on Toyota and remember how important it is to learn on a stick shift. Thats how father taught you and although its probably the last generation you will pass it on to, you are happy that the tradition does not end with you. After searching far and wide, a car that matches your wish list appears in Oklahoma. Although you live in Texas, it looks like it will be worth the 6 hour drive. The deal is once in a lifetime, however you do not find out that there was a reason until you are back in your city, a few days later. Your wife notices it first, she calls you on the way back from a drive. "Honey, the car smells like someone smoked in it."  In disbelief, you tell her that she is over exaggerating and have to smell for yourself. She gets home and you smell it too. How did you not smell it when you bought it?! The dealership masked it, you are disappointed and want answers. You call the dealership and they profusely apologize. They inform you that they have previously worked with a local franchise owner of BioSweep odor removal and had great success. They ask you to look up your local branch with the promise of reimbursement and you find BioSweep of Austin! After a quick phone call, the BioSweep of Austin technician conveniently comes to your home, and two hours later the odor is permanently gone with 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a try so we can help you save your car buying disaster!  Call us today, 512.373.8118