If I told you Biosweep of West Houston/Austin could eliminate the smoke odor produced by fire in 24 hours would you be interested in our service?

Our specialized technicians can restore your home or commercial property quickly after a fire has occurred and ensure toxicity & odor is eliminated due to our advanced technology.

BIOSWEEP technology uses photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to break down odoriferous molecules through an advanced process of oxidation. Our systems naturally generate oxy radicals including vaporous hydrogen peroxide, trivalent oxygen and purified oxygen which safely and effectively break down all contaminants that have permeated or are attached to soot or debris on all building materials within the structure. In addition, contents within the structure can be safely treated and generally do not need to be removed prior to BIOSWEEP treatment.

At Biosweep of West Houston/Austin our goals are to….

  1. Eliminate the odor and toxicity that exist within you property due to the fire.

  2. Save materials and contents that are important to you. In most fires, only a portion of the property was actually damaged by the fire. The remaining areas have smoke damage and can be restored by our process.

  3. Finally get you back into your home or business as quick as possible.

BIOSWEEP’S field services include:
• Site Assessment & Project Evaluation
• Fast Response, Mobilization & Treatment
• Guaranteed Successful Results
• Contents Restoration (if requested)

BIOSWEEP gets the job done SAFELY, EFFECTIVELY and in the FASTEST time possible!

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