Biosweep of West Houston/Austin is committed to improving the air quality you breath whether in your home or business. Everyday we are exposed to a multitude of odors, molds, voc’s, etc. that can affect our health or just be bothersome to our sense of smell. That is why we specialize in odor removal & surface decontamination because we believe in our technology and what it can do for you.

What makes us better than our competition? BioSweep of W. Houston/Austin offers the best odor eradication technology on the market today. It eliminates the need for short term fixes that end up costing money. Our treatment process creates a powerful sterilization process and leaves your property odor free. No other technology can match BioSweep of W. Houston/Austin in effectiveness, speed or cost.

Our clients include individual homeowners & commercial property owners who have tried everything under the sun to remove the odor that is present. Unfortunately the vinegars, charcoal, odor free sprays, specialty sealers & paints, ozone machines, odor bombs, etc. are just not enough to permanently remove the odor. That is when we receive a call because our clients have exhausted themselves and spent enough money in their efforts.


Our service in most cases can be completed in 8-14 hours. We can have you back in your home or working comfortably with improved air quality!  

BioSweep of West Houston/Austin specializes in removing the following odors from residences & commercial spaces.

  • Nicotine and Marijuana Smoke

  • Musty Mold & Mildew (after flood or burst pipe)

  • Fire smoke odors

  • Sewage / Septic Odors (upon cleanup)

  • Pet Odors of All Kinds (urine)

  • Cooking (curry, grease, fish etc.)

  • Spoiled Food (refrigerators with rotten food)

  • Destruction of Airborne & Surface Viruses and Bacteria

  • Dramatically Reduce Allergens, Including Mold Spores

  • Trauma sterilization (upon initial clean-up)

  • Fatalities (upon initial removal)

Please call us before investing in expensive flooring replacement and wall sealant application. We might be able to save you money. 

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